The Belly Benefits of Gut Bacteria

Find out how billions of bacteria are playing a role in your digestion.

The Belly Benefits of Gut Bacteria

We’ve known about the existence of bacteria for centuries, but we’ve only just started to appreciate their role in human health over the last several years. New research has revealed that the human body is covered from head to toe in different types of bacteria and that each one plays a role in maintaining the health of the organ it inhabits. Find out how bacteria are influencing your gut health and how you might boost the health of those bacteria.

The Human Body Is Mostly Bacteria

One of the biggest discoveries about the bacteria on the human body is that they exist everywhere. The average human being carries about 10 bacterial cells for every one human cell they have. That means that you’re mostly bacteria if you just go by population! Almost all of those bacteria are much smaller than our human cells, but the fact that they’re present almost everywhere we look means that they probably play an essential role in many aspects of how the human body works.

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