The Best Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Find out how to look and feel your best during the hectic holiday season.

The Best Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

While the holiday season is a joyful and exciting time, it can also oftentimes feel daunting and stressful. All those social obligations, and the gift giving that looms over our heads, not to mention the cooking and event planning… it can all start to feel like too much sometimes. Luckily, there are some quick and easy beauty tips you can employ when you’re feeling less than you’re best.

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Dress Up Your Hair

If you aren’t the most skilled when it comes to fancy updos, braids, and curls, you can still create holiday party hair that wows with the right accessory. These days, bows, barrettes, and headbands are very much in style, so you can look for ones that have velvet, crystals, stars, gemstones, pearls, or sparkles, to give your hair a fancy makeover in no time. Even an air-dried middle part can look elevated with a perfectly placed clip or headband! Since ‘hair jewelry’ is all over the runway right now, you can pull off these accessories all year round, making your investment that much more worth it!

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