The Best Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Find out how to look and feel your best during the hectic holiday season.

The Best Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

While the holiday season is a joyful and exciting time, it can also oftentimes feel daunting and stressful. All those social obligations, and the gift giving that looms over our heads, not to mention the cooking and event planning… it can all start to feel like too much sometimes. Luckily, there are some quick and easy beauty tips you can employ when you’re feeling less than you’re best.

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Try a Sheet Mask

Korean skincare is having a serious moment right now, and these face masks are at the forefront of this movement. One of the biggest benefits to using masks instead of simply applying creams is that they are formulated to deliver a concentrated dose of ingredients. When you use a sheet mask, the active ingredients will penetrate your skin instead of simply sitting on top of the surface and sliding off when washed. If your skin is looking sallow and dull, give yourself a spa treatment from the comfort of your home. Whether you need deep cleansing, anti-aging, or moisturizing, there are all types of masks designed to treat address unique skin concerns. Along with improving the look and feel of your skin, taking the time to use a mask can also be a therapeutic and relaxing process; the perfect antidote to a stressful and jam-packed holiday schedule.

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