The Best-Kept Celebrity Health Secrets

Look red-carpet polished, primped and fabulous with this secret celebrity beauty tips.

The Best-Kept Celebrity Health Secrets

Have you ever wondered what the stars do to keep their famous faces smooth and their billboard bodies fit? Dr. Oz consulted with top dermatologists and fitness experts to find out exactly how celebrities get red carpet ready. From softening your locks to getting silky smooth skin, steal these tips for yourself to get A-list skin.

Jennifer Aniston’s Smoothing Under-Eye Trick

Every night the actress applies petroleum jelly under her eyes as part of her daily beauty regime to keep them wrinkle free! Then, in the morning she fills the sink with water and ice cubes and dips her face in to reduce puffiness around her eyes. The cold water narrows your blood vessels, slowing down circulation to stop swelling.

Want to know how to look marvelous without splurging so much? Dr. Oz invites three beauty experts to share the smartest ways to save money while looking fabulous starting from your hair and makeup tools to the beauty products you use.