The Best Workouts for TV Binge Watching

Work out while watching your favorite shows!

The Best Workouts for TV Binge Watching

Binge watching can be fun, so make it healthy too! Use these workouts for your favorite TV shows to keep up on your fitness. Start each workout with the theme song for each show, running in place until it's over to warm up your muscles and go on from there!


Build up your endurance and try to keep up with the FBI Academy and Alex Parrish as she tries to unravel who framed her in the Grand Central bombing.

What to do when:

A secret about one of the recruits is revealed: 25 crunches

The recruits are tested (physically or mentally): 12 push-ups

Recruits work out: plank for the duration

Booth and O’Connor speak privately: wall-sit for duration

The bombing and Alex Parrish are mentioned: 5 burpees

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