The Best Workouts for TV Binge Watching

Work out while watching your favorite shows!

The Best Workouts for TV Binge Watching

Binge watching can be fun, so make it healthy too! Use these workouts for your favorite TV shows to keep up on your fitness. Start each workout with the theme song for each show, running in place until it's over to warm up your muscles and go on from there!

The Walking Dead

Running away from zombies, you’ll need killer legs. So when Rick and the survivors are running away from the walkers, get in some cardio as you work on your legs. Thinking of it as lunging to safety!

What to do when:

There are any walkers/zombies: 15 triceps dips

Any weapon is shown: 15 crunches

Someone is emotional: 5 burpees

Blood is spilled: 10 lunges (each leg)

Someone runs: butt kicks/high knees for the duration

Someone screams/cries: 30 jumping jacks

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