The Big Box Store Shopping Guide

Find out what to buy when buying in bulk.

The Big Box Store Shopping Guide

Big box stores can often feel like an endless treasure trove of tempting goods. With so many money-saving items, it can be tricky figuring out which ones are worth buying and which ones you can pick up somewhere else. Luckily, investigative retail journalist Hitha Herzog has the inside scoop to help us navigate the aisles and take home the essentials. Read on to find out her top tips for being a shopping pro.

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Shop for Gasoline

These days, lots of big box stores are selling gas at their locations. As a rule, gasoline tends to be 20 cents cheaper per gallon than it would be at any other gas station in the area. So the next time you fuel up on your groceries and household products, don’t forget to fill up your tank on your way out.

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