The Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Best and Cheapest Cut of Beef

Learn how to buy fresh and great-tasting beef without spending a fortune.

The Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Best and Cheapest Cut of Beef

Celebrity chefs Roblé Ali and Curtis Stone shared their insider tips on buying beef at the supermarket. Shopping for red meat doesn’t have to break your grocery budget. Find out which cut offers the most flavor for the best value, which beef is best for different recipes, and more!

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The Best All-Around Steak

Out of all the different steak cuts, the skirt steak is Chef Roblé Ali’s top pick, with the most flavor and the greatest texture. Skirt steak is easy to cook and comes out tender, which makes it suitable for both beginner and expert home cooks. The average price for skirt steak is about $8.69 per pound, making it the cheapest out of the four steak cuts compared. Sirloin steak is about $8.99 per pound, NY strip steak is about $17.99 per pound, and the most expensive cut – filet mignon – is about $22.99 per pound. During Ali’s investigation, the filet mignon turned out to have the least flavor out of all of the steaks, proving that cost doesn’t correlate with taste!

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