Cracking the Food Label Code

Consider these key terms before you add a packaged food to your shopping cart.

Cracking the Food Label Code

Food labels reveal a variety of information — from the ingredients that make up your food to the serving sizes and nutrients you’re consuming — but what do some of these important terms really mean? Whether you’re trying to eat clean or want to make sure you’re choosing the healthiest foods, learn what’s behind some of the most common labels on today’s packaging.

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Added Sugars

According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the recommended amount of added sugars within a healthy 1,200-1,800-calorie diet should be less than 10 percent of all total calories per day. But how can you determine if you’re having too much? Watch out for new nutrition facts labels that will include a new field under “Total Sugars” called “Added Sugars” and will specify sugars in both grams and percent daily values. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to make these nutrition label changes by July 2018-July 2019.

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