Dos and Don'ts of Dollar Store Shopping

Find out what’s worth purchasing at the dollar store — and what you should avoid.

Dos and Don'ts of Dollar Store Shopping

Not every purchase at the dollar store is worth the deep discount. Cleaners, plastic containers, and other items available at the dollar store can be accompanied by harmful chemicals. Other budget products aren’t actually saving you any additional money. Find out what to avoid and what's safe to purchase at a deep discount.

Children’s Toys

Small toys that are marketed for children and sold at dollar stores may be choking hazards and unsafe for kids to play with. Toys can be imported and unregulated and often lack warning labels on the packaging. Consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman suggests using the “toilet paper tube test” to see if a toy passes muster. Don’t buy any toy that can fit through a toilet paper tube, which indicates that it’s small enough for a child to potentially choke on the toy.

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