Dr. Erin Olivo's Tips for Dealing With Annoying Relatives

Don't let family stress ruin your holidays. Here's how to deal with clashing personality types to make it through the season fight-free.

Dr. Erin Olivo's Tips for Dealing With Annoying Relatives

Family gatherings at the holidays are the perfect time to practice an attitude of acceptance. There are some things you just cannot change, and your relatives fall into this category. But if you can learn to accept them and allow them to be who they are, you will suffer less. Here are the most common types of personalities and how to cope with them over the holiday season.

The Babbler

She. Never. Stops. Talking. Aunt Jenny goes on and on about the most mundane topics, and you wonder if she’ll ever stop to take a breath. The thought of getting stuck next to her at dinner makes you want to feign a migraine so you can escape to your bedroom.

How to cope: So what do you do? You just listen to her and try to have empathy. There are a million reasons why she chatters incessantly but mostly, she’s just talkative. Plus, it’s also possible that maybe she’s lonely and doesn’t have a lot of social interaction. You might be eager for a break from mindless chitchat, but she’s been waiting all month to get together with the family and catch up. Let her talk away and just keep smiling.

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