Dr. Oz’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Want to take home the award for Gift Giver of the Year? Check out the latest products we can’t get enough of and prepare to wow your loved ones.

Dr. Oz’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Nothing is worse than frantically shopping for holiday gifts when the clock isn’t on your side and your imagination has run dry. With this helpful gift guide, you can take the stress out of the equation and choose from a variety of items that fit your taste and budget. Dive right in and find the perfect gift in no time!


You can’t check out a fashion mag or blog lately without stumbling upon some form of athleisure. This clothing trend, in which athletic gear is made fashionable for everyday activities, has made a huge impact on everyday folks and celebrities alike. Who doesn’t want to feel comfy and still look put-together at the same time? These are some of the brands we’re obsessed with:

Game Day Leggings

Lola Getts

Old Navy

Addition ELLE


Juno Active


Rainbeau Curves


Phat Budda


Want to know how to look marvelous without splurging so much? Dr. Oz invites three beauty experts to share the smartest ways to save money while looking fabulous starting from your hair and makeup tools to the beauty products you use.