Dr. Oz's Guide to Annual Appointments

Find out what tests you should be getting and when before your next yearly tune-up.

Dr. Oz's Guide to Annual Appointments

We’ve all been told to get an annual checkup, but few of us know what we should be getting checked. Here’s a guide to help you navigate these yearly visits.

Do You Need a Yearly Physical?

Research has been building that some people may not need to go to the doctor every year. So who should be seeing a doctor regularly? Anyone who might need screening for certain conditions should make it a point to see a doctor just to make sure they have their bases covered. This especially includes men and women 50 or older. Anyone who takes medications regularly or who has chronic health issues like asthma or diabetes should also be seeing a doctor regularly. When in doubt, ask. Your doctor can let you know when you need to come back if you’re completely healthy.

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