Dr. Oz's New Health Rules

Learn more about Dr. Oz’s new health rules.

Dr. Oz's New Health Rules

Whether it’s exercising for 150 minutes a week or keeping your blood pressure at 120/80, it seems like health marches to a series of rules we’re always trying to conform to. Fortunately, Dr. Oz has made a few of them simpler and more meaningful to help you take back control of your health. Learn about the new health rules you’ll love.

Take Your Pulse

Old rule: You need an EKG to get the rhythm of your heart and find out if anything’s wrong.

New rule: Take your pulse for 60 seconds every day and feel for irregularity. Your pulse should clock off beats like a metronome with a regular interval between each. If you notice that the beats are irregular, you might have a heart condition called atrial fibrillation and you should see your doctor.

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