Dr. Oz's Top Tips for Healthier Joints

Learn what you need to do to keep your joints healthy.

Dr. Oz's Top Tips for Healthier Joints

Joint pain and osteoarthritis are major causes of disability among older adults in the U.S. Learn more about how you can protect your joints and what to do if you’ve started to have pain.

Seek Help

Prolonged joint pain that lasts for weeks or months isn’t normal and should be checked out. A great place to start is your primary care doctor. They can assess the pain and determine if it might need more investigation and treatment. Physiatrists or rehabilitation doctors are often the next step. They can examine a joint and develop a rehabilitation program to improve your function and help with the pain without surgery. If that doesn’t work, you might be referred to an orthopedist who mostly deals with surgery to improve joint pain and mobility.

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