Dr. Rita Beckford's Top Oz-Approved Health Tips

Dr. Oz's Health Star Rita Beckford, MD, shares the tips that worked for her so you can revamp your own health.

Dr. Rita Beckford's Top Oz-Approved Health Tips

It's never too late to transform your health, and Dr. Rita Beckford, MD, author of The Beckford Formula, is proof. She took some of Dr. Oz's advice and used it to turn her life around. Here are the five healthy-living tips she used to lose 70 pounds, stop taking blood-pressure pills and halt her prediabetes.

Make Fitness Fun

Thanks to Dr. Oz, Rita realized how many exciting activities she can do to keep her girlish figure. She quickly learned you should never dread a workout. Instead, she focuses on exercises she loves and can't wait for her next session. Her go-to routine varies between dancing and quick intense drills. Rita's motto is "I never let my head hit the bed…unless I have gotten it in!"

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