The Facts About Rice

Find out what to look for when shopping for rice.

The Facts About Rice

A staple in cuisines around the world, rice is widely available and known for its variety. From quick-cooking microwaveable rice pouches to the rice with the least amount of arsenic, get the quick facts behind this popular whole grain.

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Flavorings and Preservatives

To make plain rice tastier and more appealing, producers add a variety of flavorings and preservatives, like herbs or meat flavoring, to packaged rice. When you see a label for “chicken,” there might not even be any chicken listed under the ingredients list. Oftentimes, the rice is “chicken flavored” with no beneficial nutrients. It’s best to buy plain rice and season it yourself with fresh, chopped herbs, low-sodium seasonings, or pair with flavorful proteins, such as shredded chicken or stewed beans.

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