Gain Your Energy Back in 4 Easy Steps

Find yourself dragging throughout the day? Try these simple steps to restore your energy!

Gain Your Energy Back in 4 Easy Steps

By Toni Gasparis

If you are consistently tired throughout the day, have no motivation to get things done, and feel like you're sleep walking through your life: there is a solution for you! Incoporate these four tips from Dr. Oz's team of core experts into your daily routine for an instant energy boost. This power plan will help you make healthier lifestyle choices that will lead to a happier, more energized, mind and body.

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Eat Lysine-Rich Foods in the Morning

The Clevland Clinic recommends eating foods that have a high lysine content within an hour of waking up to rev up your system in the morning. Meat and dairy have high lysine counts, but if you can't stomach those foods early in the morning, try adding an avocado to a smoothie.

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