How to Beat Your Winter Allergies

Make a note of these triggers and easy tips to help combat winter allergies.

How to Beat Your Winter Allergies

While outdoor pollen might have disappeared once the winter months roll around, many of the allergens lurking in your home are only just getting started. As the cold weather pushes you inside, you may end up spending more time with the things that make you sniffle than you did during the warmer months. Here are some tips to beat your winter allergies.

Know Your Triggers

The cause of spring allergies is often easy to identify, but the cause of indoor allergies is more difficult. That’s because there are many possible sources in your home and they’re all things you see on a day to day basis. The key here is to be observant. Try to notice patterns to your symptoms. Think about the time of day, setting, temperature, humidity and presence or absence of people and animals. These environmental factors, among many others, can give you key insights into your seasonal suffering.

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