How to Buy Delicious and Healthy Pasta Sauce

What to consider before you buy your next jar of marinara.

How to Buy Delicious and Healthy Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce, like marinara, is rich in nutrients and easy to prepare for dinner on busy weeknights. Since sauces usually accompany or finish off a dish of pasta, fresh vegetables, or bread, it’s important to consider what you’re buying so you don’t consume excess salt, sugar, or preservatives. Take a closer look at the food label and ingredients the next time you’re stocking up at the grocery store and keep these healthy guidelines in mind.

Look for Sauces Made With San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes that are grown in a region near Mount Vesuvius in Italy are known for their quality (because farmers follow strict guidelines and rules), their sweetness, and strong flavor.

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