How to Get Healthier Heart Numbers

Follow these steps to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and other numbers associated with heart health.

How to Get Healthier Heart Numbers

Your heart is central to staying healthy well into old age. The stronger it is and the better it beats, the better you’ll feel as you get older. Learn how you can keep your heart healthy in the years to come by knowing your numbers and following a few simple steps.

Keeping Cholesterol Down

There are a variety of ways to lower your cholesterol just by changing your lifestyle. Losing weight is a key way to lower your cholesterol. Exercising most days of the week and eating a diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can also help you to drop your cholesterol while also losing a few pounds. If you smoke, quitting will increase your healthy cholesterol (HDL) and drop your risk of heart disease and stroke. Finally, if you’re going to drink alcohol you should keep it to one to two drinks per day.

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