How to Quiet Your Mind and Get Better Sleep

Make these simple changes to your daily routine so you get the shut eye you deserve!

How to Quiet Your Mind and Get Better Sleep

By Toni Gasparis

Are you tired all day but too wound up at night when it’s time to go to bed? Your everyday habits could be the source of your sleep disruptions. Here are some small changes you can start making today to help you get a better night’s sleep tonight.

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Take a Sleep Aid with Melatonin

If you’ve been up late or overnight for a few nights in a row and having trouble getting back to normal sleep, try a melatonin supplement, like USANA's Pure Rest. You may have a sleep cycle issue, which is common in people with jet lag and shift workers who have changing sleep patterns. Melatonin may help the body to move towards a more regular sleep cycle in some individuals. Older adults who have insomnia may also benefit from taking melatonin.

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