The Hungry Girl's Dining-Out Survival Guide

Eat healthy even at a restaurant with these easy-to-follow strategies from the Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien.

The Hungry Girl's Dining-Out Survival Guide

You don't always have to cook to maintain a healthy diet. Just keep these healthy eating tips and strategies in mind when eating out and you can enjoy your favorite dishes without gaining weight.

Mexican Food Tips

Tacos with a side of refried beans and rice -- it sounds innocent enough. But a plate like that often has 1,000 calories or more. Instead, get a chicken burrito "bowl style" -- shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, onions, cilantro, salsa, etc. Skip the sour cream and cheese, but enjoy a couple tablespoons of heart-healthy guac.

Other great choices: Ceviche, shrimp, fajitas without all the fixin's.

Drowning: How to Respond

It's critical to get the person breathing again as soon as possible.

Drowning can happen quickly. Three children die every day from drowning, and most fatal incidents happen from lack of appropriate supervision. Every minute that passes is critical in saving them or preventing serious injury. Here's what to do if you see someone drowning and you need to help rescue them.

Call 911

You should alert emergency responders as soon as possible. If there are other people around, instruct someone to make the call. If you are alone, help the drowning person until you can give CPR for one minute and then call 911 yourself (then continue life-saving measures).

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