Insanely Clever Ideas to Organize Your Whole Life

These easy tricks help you stay calm and organized, no matter how hectic life gets.

Insanely Clever Ideas to Organize Your Whole Life

The thought of organizing your entire home might seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to. Making even the smallest changes can go a long way to organize your home and your life. Use these tips and tricks to organize every room in your home with almost no effort. You'll be amazed with how quickly you can de-clutter your home and your mind.

Tidy a Junk Drawer Using Mint Tins

When you are organizing your entire house, leaving even the smallest areas unkempt can lead to total chaos. We all have a junk drawer or an equivalent, an exception to the rest of our tidy homes. Make strides to organize those areas, too. Using small containers, like tins that hold mints, to hold like items, can go a long way to organizing these spaces. Save these tins after you’ve finished all the mints and tackle this drawer disaster. (Bonus: you will be repurposing these containers instead of throwing them away.)

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