January Dry-Out: The 30-Day Power Plan

Improve your life in January or anytime throughout the year with this 30-day plan!

January Dry-Out: The 30-Day Power Plan

From loved ones’ birthdays to office happy hours, there are many reasons why you might pick up a glass or two of beer or wine each week. But whether you’re looking to cut back or want to lose a few pounds, adopting a healthier lifestyle is as easy as following these four tips. Licensed therapist and life coach Tia Brown shares the step-by-step plan you need to recharge your mind and body in just 30 days – plenty of time to make lasting changes.

Make Over Your Social Calendar

Plan to succeed by scheduling fun activities to do with family and friends, such as watching a movie, joining a workout class, or catching a concert or sports game. You’ll actively remove temptations and regain control in what you will be doing. Swap a night out at the bar for a new hobby or tradition that doesn’t revolve around food or drinks and you’ll be on the road to success.

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