The Plan to Quit Diet Soda

Learn how to quit your diet soda addiction for good!

The Plan to Quit Diet Soda

Quitting diet soda can be a hard decision to make, as you may be addicted for many reasons. It could be the fizz, caffeine or the flavor and because the withdrawal symptoms are so intense, eliminating it from your diet can be a challenging life decision. Ditch soda once and for all with this plan that focuses on combatting the withdrawal symptoms while simultaneously weaning you off for good.

Develop a Quitting Schedule

Set an end date for your diet soda addiction, whether it’s in one day or one month. Once you've reached your date, start cutting back slowly, rather than quitting cold turkey. Reduce your soda intake by 25% during the first week, 50% the second week and 75% the third week. By the fourth week, you should cut it out completely.

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