The Pork Buyer's Guide

Find out how to purchase pork the right way.

The Pork Buyer's Guide

Investigative reporter Mark Schatzker has the latest scoop on how to be a smart food shopper. If you want to buy the highest quality, tastiest cut of pork, follow these guidelines the next time you visit the supermarket.

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Buy the Right Cuts

Mark Schatzker says we have become too boring when choosing which pork cut to buy. While most of us have had pork belly and pork chops, there is a whole world of other cuts that are even tastier and more affordable. He recommends trying pork shoulder for a change of pace. As opposed to pork chops, which get tougher and drier the more you cook them, pork shoulder actually gets more tender the longer it cooks, and if you overcook it, you get pulled pork; so it's a win-win either way. Pork sirloin is also very tender and full of flavor, providing the same taste as a pork chop at a more affordable price.

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