The Power of a Nap

Should you be adding a nap into your daily schedule? Find out what benefits a nap can bring!

The Power of a Nap

Naps have long been associated with laziness and poor motivation, but research is showing that bad rap is totally unjustified. Naps have a variety of benefits to offer, especially during that post-lunch slump. Find out how you could be benefiting from a power nap and how to fit one into your day.

Drink a Cup of Coffee Before Your Nap

This may seem counterproductive since you normally drink coffee to stay awake, but in this case you’re taking advantage of the fact that coffee takes about 20 minutes to kick in. When you’re feeling sleepy, get your hit of caffeine and then go straight to bed. You’ll wake up refreshed from your nap and more alert from the caffeine.

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