The Power of a Nap

Should you be adding a nap into your daily schedule? Find out what benefits a nap can bring!

The Power of a Nap

Naps have long been associated with laziness and poor motivation, but research is showing that bad rap is totally unjustified. Naps have a variety of benefits to offer, especially during that post-lunch slump. Find out how you could be benefiting from a power nap and how to fit one into your day.

Nap Sitting Up

While this might not seem like the most comfortable sleeping position, the goal of a nap isn’t to get a solid eight hours of sleep. Napping upright prevents you from sleeping for longer than 30 minutes or so because your body tends to have more trouble sleeping when you’re sitting up. It’s also easier to find a place to sit and nap than it is to find a place to lie down. In between meetings, close the door to your office and turn off the lights. 10 minutes later, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the day.

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