The Power of a Nap

Should you be adding a nap into your daily schedule? Find out what benefits a nap can bring!

The Power of a Nap

Naps have long been associated with laziness and poor motivation, but research is showing that bad rap is totally unjustified. Naps have a variety of benefits to offer, especially during that post-lunch slump. Find out how you could be benefiting from a power nap and how to fit one into your day.

Types of Naps

You probably didn’t know naps fell into different categories, but you can use your naps for a number of different purposes. Planned napping is a nap you take in advance of being tired later. You might have been invited to a late-night party, for example, and take a nap beforehand so you won’t be as sleepy. Emergency napping is when you’re just too sleepy during the day to keep your eyes open and you need a little shut-eye. Finally, habitual napping is a nap that takes place at the same time every day, like a nap after lunch or when you get home from work. All are completely legitimate reasons to nap.

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