The Regimen Instructions

Follow this checklist every day for optimal health.

The Regimen Instructions

Take control of your health with this checklist that covers what to eat, what to take, and what to do day in and day out for your best health. Get the full plan by downloading the Dr. Oz app and print out The Regimen cheat sheet to get started.

Drink Oolong Tea Twice a Day

Oolong tea has high levels of polyphenol compounds which lower inflammation and helps reduce the risk for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It also has caffeine, giving you an energy boost during the day. There are several varieties of oolong tea but all of them are made from partially oxidized green tea, giving it a golden to dark orange hue when steeped. To make a cup, brew 1 teaspoon of loose-leaf oolong tea with 6 ounces of water and enjoy up to twice a day. If you’re looking to lose weight, drink the tea along with your meals to enhance your metabolism.

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