The Regimen for Your Back Pain

Get a personalized plan to eliminate your back pain.

The Regimen for Your Back Pain

By Toni Gasparis

Exercise physiologist Sue Hitzmann and chiropractor Dr. Steven Shosany give you easy solutions for your back pain. Get your customized plan based on your back pain type here.

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Muscular Back Pain: Fascial Therapy

If your back pain is muscular, your best bet for relieving pain is to take the stress and stiffness out of your muscles. Fascial therapy is the act of breaking down the tissue that is knotted and causing discomfort with metal instruments in order to decrease pain and increase circulation. While metal tools are used in a chiropractic appointment, Dr. Shosany is aware theses are not readily available outside the doctor's office. He recommends having someone else use a spoon or even their elbow to gently massage out the painful areas to smooth and loosen tissue.

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