Secrets From the Red Carpet: How to Get Gorgeous Skin!

Try these simple skin steps for healthy, glowing skin head to toe.

Secrets From the Red Carpet: How to Get Gorgeous Skin!

You don't have to be a celebrity to have great skin. The secret for a picture-perfect complexion isn't in flawless, professional makeup - it's knowing the importance of establishing a healthy skin routine ahead of time. Whether you have big plans this weekend or are simply staying in to watch an awards show with friends, try these cost-effective tips and tricks to get your own red carpet-ready skin.

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Drink Up

At least three days before an event and especially the day of, it's important to increase your water intake. Aim to drink eight glasses a day. To reach this goal, carry a water bottle with you as you run errands, or keep one on your desk at work. Make it a point to get through a bottle at least every two hours for a healthy glow that will last all night.

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