Step Down from Sugar

Cut your dependence on sugar and keep cravings under control with a plan that makes it easy to wean off the sweet stuff.

Step Down from Sugar

Sugar is in many of the foods we eat. The abundance and low cost of sweeteners like corn syrup has allowed food manufacturers to pack their products sweetness. Find out how you can cut your dependence on sugar.

Find Out Where Your Sugar is Coming From

Before taking action, you have to figure out where change needs to happen. Once you identify where your love of sweet things is getting you in trouble, you can start to alter what you eat and how often you eat it. A good place to start is the nutritional information on the food you buy. Look at the ingredients. If sugar is one of the first four ingredients, you should steer clear. Be careful. Sugar sometimes hides under different names. Look for any words that end with the letters “-ose,” which usually indicates the ingredient is a sugar.

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