The Step-By-Step Alzheimer’s Regimen

Take action against mental decline and prevent Alzheimer's disease before it starts.

The Step-By-Step Alzheimer’s Regimen

Scientific breakthroughs and new research have shown that there are solutions we can all take to prevent or reduce our individual risks of developing Alzhemier's disease and improve brain health. Neurologists Dr. Richard Isaacson and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, along with researcher Max Lugavere, outlined the following five guidelines that will help you protect your brain now and in the years to come. These recommendations make up the acronym NEURO, and each letter represents the area of focus for each of these guidelines — nutrition, exercise, unwinding, restful sleep, and optimizing social activity.

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Step 1: Cut Simple Carbs by 10%

Since sugar can cause your brain to function less efficiently, it’s especially crucial to remove simple carbs from your diet to keep your sugar levels stable and your brain happy. Craving a sandwich? You can still have one. Just reach for the high fiber, whole-wheat bread instead.

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