Surprising Things Your Microwave Can Do

See all the ways your microwave can simplify your life beyond reheating leftovers!

Surprising Things Your Microwave Can Do

Your microwave may be the most versatile appliance in your kitchen, and it's time to start using it to its fullest potential. See how Dr. Oz's Facebook fans use their microwave beyond heating and reheating food. Try these tips today to save time cleaning, cooking and much more.

Extend Mascara

This one is the perfect trick when you don't have time to run to the store for a fresh tube. Fix clumpy mascara by placing your mascara stick in a cup of water that has been microwaved for 30 to 40 seconds. Let cool before applying.

Drowning: How to Respond

It's critical to get the person breathing again as soon as possible.

Drowning can happen quickly. Three children die every day from drowning, and most fatal incidents happen from lack of appropriate supervision. Every minute that passes is critical in saving them or preventing serious injury. Here's what to do if you see someone drowning and you need to help rescue them.

Call 911

You should alert emergency responders as soon as possible. If there are other people around, instruct someone to make the call. If you are alone, help the drowning person until you can give CPR for one minute and then call 911 yourself (then continue life-saving measures).

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