The Top 5 Health Issues You’re Not Thinking About

Find out which health issues you should be paying closer attention to.

Don’t Ignore GERD

Over time, health issues can start to pile up. If you don’t keep tabs on your health, it can be easy to fall behind and wind up in an unhealthy or even dangerous situation. Find out which health issues you might have been neglecting.


Depression affects almost 20 million Americans each year, but many of them go undiagnosed. That’s because many people write off their symptoms, not realizing they have a problem that could be effectively addressed. Depression can cause trouble concentrating, fatigue, sleep changes, appetite changes, and a variety of other symptoms on top of the typical sadness you might expect. While depression can be disabling, there is treatment. A combination of medication and therapy has been shown to relieve depression in many people who suffer with it. If you think you might be depressed, talk to your doctor. They can assess you and discuss how to address your symptoms.

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