Top 5 Pain Relief Treatments

Relieve your chronic pain without medication or another visit to the doctor.

Top 5 Pain Relief Treatments

Chronic pain medications dragging you down? If you’re looking for relief when ibuprofen just won’t cut it but don‘t want the side effects of stronger medication, we have the top alternatives for natural pain relief. From ingredients that target inflammation to techniques that utilize the brain’s underrated healing abilities, there are many cost-effective and efficient methods for treating conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, and even back pain. Here are the top five proven treatments that will leave you happier, healthier, and pain-free.

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Guided Meditation

As a solution to back pain, mindful meditation can actually change your perception of pain, making you less sensitive to it and putting you in control. Researchers who assigned patients with chronic pain to a mindfulness meditation program found that those who meditated reported more pain relief, as well as lower anxiety and depression levels and a better mental quality of life, than those who did not. Meditation has also been shown to activate brain areas controlling self-awareness of the pain and can have positive persuasive effects.

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