The Top Tips to Beat Misleading Menus

Find out how you can identify and counteract the tricks restaurants are using to make you buy food you don’t want.

The Top Tips to Beat Misleading Menus

Choosing food from a menu can be overwhelming. The sheer number of choices available at most restaurants leaves many diners trying desperately to decide on their dinner only moments before they give their order to the waiter. That choice is often influenced by the design of the menu, which pushes you to pick certain items, like the chef’s special steak, even if you never intended to go so extravagant. Find out what features are forcing your choices when you sit down to order.

Beware the Bundled Meal

The trick: We’re used to bundled meals at fast-food joints, where a burger often comes with fries and a soft drink. But restaurants are now in on the game. A bundled meal forces you to order food before you know if you’ll want it. Going with the prix fixe means you’re getting that dessert after dinner, regardless of whether you’re full or not.

The fix: Determine how hungry you are and how much you want to eat before looking at the menu. If you’re not hungry enough for a three-course dinner, don’t order one. Remember that the prix fixe is only a money saver if you would have ordered everything on it anyway.

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