The Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Tips You Need

Find out the best ways to navigate the wild world of drugstore makeup.

The Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Tips You Need

If you are tired of spending a fortune to fulfill your basic makeup needs, there is hope for you yet. These days, drugstore makeup is as good—and at times even better—than the luxury products we are taught to prefer. Find out how to effectively buy affordable makeup today.


Along with having one of the longest shelf lives of any makeup (lasting for a year), powder blushes tend to have the same ingredients as high-end designer brands. You can rest easy knowing that your drugstore blush saved you a lot of money without skimping on quality. For fair skin, look for soft baby-pink colors since those will be the most natural for your skin type. For neutral skin, you can look for peach, apricot, or berry colors, in either warm or cool tones, since you can pull off both. For dark skin, you need a really pigmented blush to show up on your skin and not just look muddy, so you can use a bright pink or tangerine color to brighten up your complexion.

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