The Ultimate Morning Routine for Healthy Looking Skin

Learn how to perfect your skincare routine for glowing skin all year round.

The Ultimate Morning Routine for Healthy Looking Skin

By Toni Gasparis

Mornings can be difficult. Between hitting the snooze button, to taking care of the kids, to making sure you get to work on time, sometimes your skin is the last thing on your mind. A good skincare regimen, however, can be essential for helping to kick off your day and making sure your skin is ready to take on the day. These eight simple steps can help you improve your morning routine and help you turn healthy looking skin into a habit.

Make Sure Your Makeup Application is Sanitary

It’s very important that the makeup tools you use and the makeup you put on every morning is clean because it will be sitting on your face all day. If you are using powder or pressed foundation make sure your brushes are washed on a weekly basis. If you use liquid foundation, you may want to toss the sponge and just use your hands to evenly apply foundation—just make sure you wash your hands before and after touching your face.

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