The Ultimate User-Friendly Detox Regimen

All it takes is a few simple healthy habits to improve your wellness one day at a time. Find out what this detox regimen has in store for you!

The Ultimate User-Friendly Detox Regimen

Whether you’re trying to maintain your healthy lifestyle, reverse bad eating habits, or lose a few inches, this detox regimen is a tried and true way to feel great in no time. Comedian Loni Love, a detox advocate, has recently lost 15 pounds on this plan. Find out how!

Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Planning to follow this detox for a week? Hoping to follow this for a month? Regardless, make an effort to eat raw produce four days a week, to enjoy all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, hydration, and other benefits that fruits and vegetables have to offer.

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Fat Substitutes: Could They Be Leading to Your Weight Gain?

They're hiding in everything from low-fat cottage cheese to protein shakes.

Fat substitutes are compounds that resemble the chemical and physical properties of certain fats and oils and are often used to replace conventional fats (butter, oil) in baking and frying. They can help bring calorie counts down.

But fat substitutes are almost like secret ingredients that hide in plain sight, says Mark Schatzker, author of the upcoming book "The End of Craving: Recovering the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well."

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