What to Eat to Avoid Common Health Woes

Find out what foods you should be getting more of in your diet to address common health problems.

What to Eat to Avoid Common Health Woes

It might seem like there’s a pill on the market for just about every health issue you could imagine. But is there an easier way to try and stave off common health concerns? Food plays a central role in our lives and can facilitate good health as long as we eat the right things. Find out which common health conditions you could be fighting with dietary change.


About one in 10 Americans has diabetes, and another 80 million are at risk. What can you do to avoid this potentially debilitating disease? Get more vegetables into your diet. Vegetables are high in fiber, which helps slow the release of sugars from food and helps moderate the effect of those sugars on blood levels. On top of that, fiber leaves you feeling full for longer so you’re less likely to fill up on sugary snacks. To top it all off, they’re full of a host of healthy vitamins and minerals. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and Swiss chard are great candidates here.

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