What You Need to Know About Activated Charcoal

Get the scoop on the trendy ingredient you’re seeing everywhere.

What You Need to Know About Activated Charcoal

By Reina Berger

These days you can't turn a corner without hearing about activated charcoal. Found in the form of powder, pills, cubes, granules, chewable tablets, and facial pads, this ingredient is trending everywhere. Social media feeds are spilling over with images of black ice cream, hamburger buns, smoothies, and more. While this ingredient is having a major moment in the sun, it has already been used all over the globe for centuries now. If you want to find out the benefits and common uses of activated charcoal, keep reading!

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Where You'll Find It Today

These days, charcoal is popping up in various drinks and foods, thanks to the smoky flavor and the stark, dark color. You will see activated charcoal in detox drinks and smoothies, cocktails, and ice cream (though you should take caution when eating these). This ingredient is also very popular in beauty treatments, particularly as a deodorant, shampoo, face mask, cleanser, and tooth cleaner. In some cases, activated charcoal pills are even used to treat poisoning or an overdose, but it needs to be administered by medical professionals to ensure it is used properly.

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