What Your Selfie Says About Your Health

You'll never look at a selfie the same way again.

What Your Selfie Says About Your Health

Geneticist and physician Dr. Sharon Moalem understands the power of a selfie. A selfie, or a self-portrait photograph, can reveal a great deal about an individual's genetics and well-being. You can look for clues and identify genetic markers from a selfie that can help diagnose your mental and physical health. See what the following characteristics may tell you about your genetic background or health status.

Extra Row of Eyelashes

An extra row of eyelashes might be an indicator of lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome, which disrupts the normal production and transportation of fluids throughout the body. This disruption causes puffiness and swelling. (Another kind of eyelashes can also be a cause for concernfake ones.)

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