Your Body During Meditation: What's Really Happening

A look at how meditating could change your body inside and out, from boosting your willpower to your brain power, and more.

Your Body During Meditation: What's Really Happening

Meditation has been garnering attention in the public for decades for good reason. Studies have shown meditation to positively influence our body in many ways, from increasing concentration to lowering blood pressure. The science behind it has slowly begun accumulating, with studies identifying effects on the brain even with just a few hours of meditation. Whether you're looking to get a better night's sleep, improve your attention, or work on your willpower, try putting aside a few minutes a day to meditate!

A Stronger Immune System

Several studies have found that meditation can influence the activity of the body's immune system by changing levels of certain blood chemicals and immune system signals in the blood. Others have also shown that meditation may improve how well people respond to vaccines. Unfortunately, none of these studies have shown that these effects actually improve health in any way. More research is still needed to see if these immune system effects are significant.

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