Your Body During Meditation: What's Really Happening

A look at how meditating could change your body inside and out, from boosting your willpower to your brain power, and more.

Your Body During Meditation: What's Really Happening

Meditation has been garnering attention in the public for decades for good reason. Studies have shown meditation to positively influence our body in many ways, from increasing concentration to lowering blood pressure. The science behind it has slowly begun accumulating, with studies identifying effects on the brain even with just a few hours of meditation. Whether you're looking to get a better night's sleep, improve your attention, or work on your willpower, try putting aside a few minutes a day to meditate!

Alleviation of Depression and Anxiety

Meditation programs can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. One study published earlier this year found that meditation had a similar effect to medication for treating depression and anxiety. Meditation might do this by helping the brain learn to better regulate emotions and change a person's self-perspective. That, in turn, helps manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety, which often have to do with emotional reactions and self-perception. Moreover, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, a type of mindfulness training, has been found to be a potential intervention to prevent relapse of depression, a common occurrence among those with depression. Researchers think it helps by increasing self-awareness, which might help give depressed individuals the ability to identify how they're responding emotionally to the world and potentially help them prevent negative emotions from coming back.

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