Your Guide to Alternative-Health Doctors

Find out what to expect when you visit these four common alternative-health doctors.

Your Guide to Alternative-Health Doctors

Have you considered looking into alternative-health treatments but weren’t sure where to begin? Start with finding a doctor that best suits your health needs. Use this guide to learn the differences between an osteopathic doctor, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, and homeopathic doctor to get a better idea of the method of medicine that seems right for you.


Chiropractic medicine is based on the premise that problems with the spine are responsible for diseases of the body. Chiropractic care aims to alleviate ailments based on manipulation of the spine to correct malalignments that might be present. Chiropractors use their hands to readjust the spine and release blockages called subluxations, which they believe can inhibit your body’s healing abilities.

Practitioners have made claims about healing a wide variety of diseases, but only those related to the back and spine have any strong evidence supporting them. Most applications of chiropractic to other illnesses unrelated to the bones and muscles of the back have no evidence behind it and may be ineffective. Always consult your primary-care doctor before setting up an appointment with a chiropractor.

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