Your Survival Guide to Dining Out

Learn how to make sure the food you’re eating is safe.

Your Survival Guide to Dining Out

By Toni Gasparis

Dining out may be more dangerous to your health than you think. One in 6 Americans get sick from a food borne illness every year, most resulting from eating at a restaurant. Could your favorite restaurant or fast food joint make you sick? Use the tips and tricks in this survival guide to make sure that your food is always safe no matter where you eat it.

Steer Clear of Raw Produce

Ordering any raw fruits or vegetables in a restaurant is risky and could be a food hazard. Cool and crispy salads are key: If you’re served a room temperature or soggy salad there’s probably bacteria lingering. Avoid ordering a wedge salad because if not washed properly, germs can hide in the crevices of the lettuce.

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