Your Survival Guide to Get Through the Holidays

Learn how to get through the holidays without unwanted stress and anxiety this season.

Your Survival Guide to Get Through the Holidays

The holidays come just once a year, but with the surplus of sweets, family stress, and being mindful to balance your budget, once is often enough! Stay sane this holiday season with this guide full of tips from pros like Mo'Nique, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, and Dr. Oz that will help keep off the pounds, keep you calm, and prevent you from scrimping pennies together just to make it to the New Year.

Alternate High- and Low-Calorie Days for the Next 8 Weeks

The holidays is not the time of year to lose weight. Instead, work on maintaining your current size. To do this, try alternating between high-calorie and low-calorie days. This will let you indulge in your seasonal favorites without going overboard. Aim to keep your high-calorie days at around 2,000 calories and your low-calorie days at 1,200 calories.

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